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Our company, our values, our mission

Axis Human Resources is a company specializing in recruitment, placement and rental of workforce in various technical and professional fields.

Our mission

With the objective of always enabling our clients and employees to evolve professionally and achieve their goals, our mission is to temporarily or permanently fill the needs of entrepreneurs with a competent, trained and experienced workforce having a positive attitude at work. We are looking beyond the hiring criteria and looking for people who will bring productive synergy. We propose an innovative and flexible approach.

Our approach

At Axis, we focus on human relations and ensure that we have win-win and lasting relationships with both our employees and our clients. We know that it is possible to make a difference through our personalized approach and our desire to contribute to everyone’s success.
All areas covered by our organization offer added value in terms of support and innovative solutions. We believe that it is important to provide the opportunity for people to develop and fulfill themselves at work, all in a positive environment.

Our solutions for online recruitment

We recognize that our employers need additional support to deal with labor shortage issues. We ensure that our clients benefit from value-added alternatives by focusing on a diverse workforce in terms of skills, a work ethic that lives up to expectations and that prioritizes health, safety and well-being at work. We allow you to keep the focus on your operations by removing the pressure to fill human resource needs. We strive to find the right people through a structured recruitment process.

« Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on his ability to climb a tree, he will spend his life believing he is stupid. » Albert Einstein