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The Axis approach to construction and its workforce

The construction industry is vast and workers in this field are often left to their own devices due to the pace of construction and the lack of supervision on construction sites. At Axis, we are aware of this, and that’s why we want to be an employer committed to our team. We recognize the importance of selecting the right candidates and allowing them to work in a supportive work environment. This is one of our competitive advantages that sets us apart from the competition.

The criteria to consider when hiring construction workers

In our opinion, there are three main points to consider when hiring a worker:

  • Competence
  • Compliance
  • Health and safety

Competence, a key element to consider when hiring a construction worker
At Axis, competence goes well beyond manual and technical skills. We want to surround ourselves with people with a set of human qualities that add value to our service, without neglecting the importance of a job well done. For us, competence can grow, and we are ready to invest what is needed for our candidates to perfect and flourish in the course of their employment.

Compliance: working within construction industry standards
Due to the presence of strict industry regulations, we are looking for people who have the required certifications or are interested in obtaining them (competency certificate, license, health and safety certification, etc.). We require a high level of diligence in this regard to meet our commitment to our clients.

Health and safety at work: a policy of prevention
Occupational health and safety goes far beyond simply respecting the rules. It’s about having a proactive and collaborative attitude. At Axis, health and safety at work is a priority. Our uncompromising approach to the prevention of occupational injuries is highly regarded by our clients. But, more importantly, it allows you to fully enjoy your personal and professional life.

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Choosing Axis means choosing an employer who cares about you, both professionally and personally. We want happy employees who fulfill their potential and enable us to achieve collective success.