Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seeker

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and their answers. Whatever your question, do not hesitate to contact us



How much do I have to spend to work with your agency?

Nothing at all. No membership or file opening fees. You are welcomed !


I started working, will I have Axis support during my job?

As mentioned on our website, the relationship we build with you is paramount to our business and we look after your well-being before, during and even after your job. We maintain our network carefully!


What is the duration of a temporary warrant?

On average, the duration is between 2 months and 1 year. However, certain situations mean that several mandates exceed 12 months.


What should I bring during the interview at Axis?

You must have with you at least your CV, your identity cards and if possible references from former employers.


No news after applying, what to do?

Axis receives a large number of applications and sometimes it is very difficult for us to inform all applicants that they have not been selected for the job they are interested in. We invite you in this case to contact us so that we can look together what other opportunities are available to you. At Axis, the door is open and we do not bite so do not hesitate!


What types of benefits does Axis offer?

Our company offers benefits to temporary employees who work under our direction. Several options are possible (life insurance, pharmaceuticals, disability, shopping discounts, social activities, etc.) Call us for more information.


Can I continue working at the end of my temporary mandate?

Absolutely! It will be our pleasure to find you another term, if your last experience with the employer was positive. In fact, it is our primary goal to make our people work!


Usually, how long can I wait before you find me a job?

We work in a structured and relentless way to find a job that suits you as quickly as possible. The delay is variable, the timing is not always on our side, it all depends on the positions in need, skills and competences that you have and if your experience fulfills the criteria of our client.


I want to create an Axis account. How to do it?

Nothing’s easier ! Select Registration at the top right corner of the site and fill out the form. Then follow the instructions for creating your Axis account.


Forgot the password, what should i do?

If you forget your password, it will be important to change it, please click on Password Recovery and follow the instructions.


How can I save my favorite jobs?

To back up your favorite jobs, you must be logged into your account or else create one. To add some jobs, please click on the star in the top right corner of each ad that interests you. You can then have access to all your favorites by clicking on ” saved jobs ”.


When registering, the site tells me that the email address is used, what should I do?

In this situation, please log in with your password because an account containing your email address is already created or reset the password and log in later.


How to modify my contact details related to my profile?

In this situation, you will need to connect to your online profile, and navigate to the coordinates section. You will be able to make changes from this location.


Who to contact in case of problems or questions?

Please call us at 1-844-999-AXIS (2947) or email us at [email protected]

FAQ construction employee


Do I need to have a CCQ proficiency certificate to work at Axis?

Normally yes, but it all depends on the present needs of our clients.


Do I need to have my ASP card to work at Axis?

Yes, it is obligatory. You must have the ASP card (health and safety on construction sites) and be at least 16 years old.


If I miss certifications, do I have a chance to have a job at Axis?

Absolutely! We go much further than other employers by providing a consulting and support service to successful applicants.


How does renting labor in construction work?

It’s simple, we are your employer. We hire you, pay, train, place on the various sites of our customers according to your skills and you, you enjoy a diversity in terms of work experience and job security.


How long does a labor rental contract last?

It’s variable, usually the time of a construction site. We strive to develop partnerships with our customers so that you can work as long as possible on the same site, but you may have several different short-term projects during the year. There is something for every taste!


Who greets me when I present myself to clients?

At first, you are greeted by a member of Axis. You will be referred to a contact at our client emplacement. We do constant follow-ups and do not leave you to yourself.


Do you pay according to collective agreements?

Obviously. We pay accordingly to the regulations that apply in the sector where you work. If it’s CCQ, we pay accordingly.

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