Conditions of use


All users wishing to access and use the site must first agree to the conditions contained in this notice. If you do not accept them, please do not use the site.

AXIS reserves the right to make changes to this notice, if necessary. It is important to check regularly and take notice of these changes.


AXIS gives you limited permission to use its site. We grant you the right to temporarily download some or all of the content of this site if it is to satisfy a non-commercial need. If you wish to use any or all of the content for other purposes, you must request and obtain prior permission from AXIS for this purpose. The content of this site is the exclusive property of AXIS or its suppliers and is governed by applicable intellectual property laws.

User eligibility

The site must be used by people 18 years and older. Please do not use the site if you are under 18 years old.


When you provide us with your information, you give AXIS permission to use it in connection with its operations and in accordance with the Privacy Information Act. Allow AXIS to share your information with current or potential customers. AXIS reserves the right to refuse to post any information that it considers inadmissible. AXIS does not monitor the information they are given so it can not validate them or confirm their accuracy. In order for you to benefit from an optimal experience,
it is recommended that users who have given personal information update them if necessary

Account, username and password

It is your responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your account information, your username and your password. AXIS recommends changing your password regularly or as needed and inform us immediately if you witness unauthorized use of your account.


If you use this site, you must do so in accordance with applicable laws and local, state and federal regulations. Please note that you assume any risk of the content, information or use of information that may come from a third party.

You must use the site;

  • To consult and / or look for a job;
  • To consult and / or search for an employee;
  • By respecting the authorization mentioned herein;
  • Respecting individual rights and information;
  • By respecting the security measures of the site;
  • Without submitting false information;
  • Without attempting to access the account of a third party;
  • Without attempting to impersonate a third party;
  • Without attempting to commit malicious actions;
  • Without forging information if found;
  • Without making false representation;
  • By giving the information which you are authorized to give;
  • Share the information that you are allowed to share;

The user of the AXIS website recognizes;

  • No employment relationship with AXIS, unless it is acknowledged;
  • No partnership with AXIS, unless it is acknowledged;
  • That other legal agreements can be added to this one;
  • That it is subject to the export laws and regulations of Canada
    and for this reason it can not export, copy or adapt the content of the site
    AXIS Web without his consent, even outside of Canada;
  • That the site may not comply with foreign laws and that if you
    make use outside of Canada, you do it at your own risk and in
    being the only one responsible for your actions.

Hyperlinks, links and direct access

The user acknowledges that the site may contain links, hyperlinks or functions giving direct access to the website of a third party. The user acknowledges that AXIS is not responsible for the content of third party sites for which a link, hyperlink or function would provide access from its website. The purpose of these links, hyperlinks and feature is to facilitate the user’s access to the third party website and to maximize the user’s experience. It does not represent any endorsement, relationship or association with these third parties unless indicated.


As a user you understand and agree that AXIS;

  • Do not guarantee that you will receive a job offer;
  • Will not be held responsible for jobs presented by a third party;
  • Will not be held responsible for the selection methods by a third party;
  • Will not be held responsible for employment decisions by a third party;
  • Does not guarantee the accuracy and validity of information posted by a third party;
  • Will not be held responsible for any content posted by a third party;


The user agrees to indemnify and insure AXIS, its directors, employees, agents, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliates or affiliates of any claim by a third party, to waive any liability, legal and other legal costs resulting from the use of its website by the user, information that the user has given or if the user has breached one or more conditions stipulated after use.


The user of the AXIS website recognizes;

  • That he or she will assume all risks that is attached to the use of it;
  • To accept the content and that no guarantee is given to it in this respect;
  • That no guarantee is given to him or her that this one is exempted from errors or viruses;
  • That no guarantee is given to him or her that he or she is safe;
  • That no guarantee is given to him or her that he or she can use it without interruption;
  • That no guarantee is given to him or her that he or she will be accessible at all times;

Stop of service

Axis reserves the right to terminate any services that may be provided on its website. AXIS also reserves the right to delete information and your access to services, in whole or in part, on its website at its discretion, without justification or notice. The user acknowledges that he or she has no right to delete his account and that he or she simply has to stop using it. AXIS will not be liable for information that you have given or that links you to its website such as your account, username or password. It is the responsibility of the user to keep the information specific to them.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our terms of use, please send them to the following address;

Axis Human Resources
1002 Sherbrooke Street West, suite 1900,
Montreal, Quebec H3A 3L6