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Construction is a complex and highly regulated industry that is currently facing labour shortages as it continues to grow. This difficult situation has direct repercussions on a company’s operations such as additional delays, inconsistency in the quality of work, administrative burdens, risks of non-compliance, etc.

In our opinion, there are three main points to consider when hiring a worker:

The competence of the construction worker
Compliance with the sector's regulations
Compliance with health and safety standards

The competence of the construction worker

There are 25 trades and about 40 occupations in construction, not to mention the workers in professional and technical fields who work on construction sites daily. For the work to be carried out, everyone must work to the best of their ability. For us, competence goes beyond manual skills. We focus on employees who also have human qualities that are in line with the environment in which they will be placed.

Compliance with construction sector regulations

Many regulations govern the workforce on construction sites in Quebec. We know them all! Whether at the level of competency certificates, attestations, permits or mandatory training, we guarantee the compliance of our workers. You can have peace of mind because the verifications are carried out at the time of hiring and periodically with our team.

Compliance with health and safety standards

Construction is the sector most at risk for occupational injuries. Obviously, no one wants an unfortunate event to happen on a construction site. We are also aware of the importance of prevention and diligent management to prevent violations. This is why our workers are trained at the time of hiring for the duration of the employment. In the event of an inspector’s visit, we also ensure that all administrative and legal obligations are met.

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